The Enciclopedia Deiknumena is a planned 50 volume encyclopedia illustrated by Dave Buchen and written by a variety of writers and artists.

Each entry is its own book complete with a short history of the subject in English and Spanish and toy theater objects to illustrate the subject. Entries are scheduled for release every 3 months.

December 2015
Circus by Dave Buchen

March 2016
Carnival by Dave Buchen

June 2016
Queer History by Lawrence  La Fountain-Stokes

In the Works
Anarchism by Esteban Valdes
Anthropology by John Hartigan
Cantastoria by Clare Dolan
Colonialism by Mayra Santos Febres
Debt by Roshen Hendrickson
Encyclopedias by Angela Woodward
Feminism by Becky Conekin
Hip-Hop by Idris Goodwin
Jazz by John Corbett
Masks by Rosa Luisa Márquez
Migration by Rey Andujar
Puppetry by John Bell
Ritual by Bea Santiago Muñoz
The Unconscious by Friese Undine
Water by Carolina Caycedo
Women’s Health by Terri Kapsalis


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